Ignite Workforce Initiative Starts to Take Shape

"This is a great tool for are businesses and job seekers."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A new workforce initiative is beginning to benefit area businesses, schools and employees.

Nearly 1,500 more jobs are listed on FMWF Ignite’s website today compared few weeks ago, when the platform first launched.

Several area businesses are experiencing staff shortages, causing them to adjust their hours and services and sometimes even close their doors.

“When we look across our region, one of the first things that we see is that there are a tremendous amount of individuals and organizations that are doing phenomenal things, but there really is no system to connect them together. What we found is that our community and our region is extremely program rich, yet systems poor in that system to connect all of those different elements,” says Mason Rademacher, Workforce and Talents VP at the FMWF Chamber.

Cold Stone Creamery owner Justin Turnquist says this has been the most difficult year when it comes to hiring employees.

“Trying to keep it open because some businesses are not staying open. You know, I have not had to adjust my hours yet and hopefully I won’t have to, but it all depends on employees,” adds Turnquist.

To help aid in job shortages, the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber of Commerce created Ignite to connect talented individuals with career opportunities.

“Ignite is really the combination of two critical elements. Put together a regional workforce infrastructure initiative that our community has never really seen before. The two different sides of it is a really robust technology platform and then a really intentional and strategic relationship development strategy,” explains Rademacher.

This initiative is not only for job-seekers; it also allows high school students an opportunity to learn about careers and get experiences with businesses.

“The ignite program is going to be a fantastic interface for us to be able to connect our classrooms and our students and our teachers, counselors to any organization or individual that is interested in partnering with the school,” adds Rademacher.

For more information on Ignite, visit www.ignitefmwf.com.

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