Christmas tree shortages hit locally

"We're literally running out in the United States."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas tree frenzy has begun due to shortages.

“We’re literally running out in the United States,” Owner of Baker Garden and Gift Eric Baker said.

We’re seeing a natural Christmas tree shortage around the country and here locally, prices per foot have risen.

Boy Scout Troop 215 from Fargo typically buys 100 trees. Last year they sold 90. This year the group is expecting the community to show up again.

“The price has gone up a little bit since last year $3 or $4 not too much,” Boy Scout Joshua Hallaway said.

Tree sellers say COVID has had an impact on the transportation of trees, especially places that don’t buy them locally, but it has also affected the demand due to families spending holidays isolated.

“Now we’re starting to see the apex of supply and demand. We are getting short supply, we order trees and they only confirm so many of them. They’re trying to make things a little bit better so in the past they may have gone over to their parents’ house, and that’s where they had the tree, and now we’re starting to see people have trees at each of their houses because last year was COVID and all. It does, how do I say, make people want to bring the green inside, even though you’re not able to go outside,” said Baker.

If you haven’t gotten your tree, earlier is better especially for the big trees that are between eight and 10 feet.

Retailers say people who missed out last year learned their lessons and are coming in earlier this year.

Baker Garden and Gift typically gets six to 700 trees, but the business isn’t able to get more than previous years.

“Five foot, six foot trees are in ample supply, but it’s the big ones everyone wants,” Baker said.

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