Fargo Police work to get rid of camps along Red River downtown

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Fargo Police discusses the dangers of camps by the Red River downtown and what the department is trying to do to make things safe during bar closing.

Officers are working with Fargo Parks, the Harm Reduction Center and River Keepers to make a plan on keeping the area clear of camps. Workers are making sure people have a place to stay in shelters and offering mental health and addiction services. They also don’t want any garbage or drugs to pollute the water.

“They actually ended up filling two garbage trucks, park garbage trucks worth of stuff. And what the DROs were witnessing was that people would be dumpster diving and actually taking trash out of the dumpsters and bringing it and dispersing it near the river,” Fargo Police Sgt. Brent Halverson said.

Police are also talking with bar restaurant staff on improving safety when they close. The department is working on designated ride share and taxi areas.

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