Gov. Walz tours Dilworth fire station as city asks for millions for renovations

DILWORTH, Minn. (KVRR) – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is making his rounds on his local jobs and projects tour including a stop at the Dilworth fire station, a unit that serves a big portion of Clay County.

The station is seeking state and federal funding for a renovation plan that’s estimated to cost $6.5 million. They’re asking the state of Minnesota for $3.2 million in the next bonding bill.

Chief Mark Empting says they have a commitment currently from the federal government for $975,000.

“The most important piece is citizens of Minnesota citizens in any of our states, but in Minnesota they deserve to know they’re going to have the best public safety response and that those folks that they’re asking to either respond as police, firefighters or first responders have the best equipment and the best facilities,” Walz said.

The funding would provide a bigger parking area for fire trucks and technological advancements.

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