West Fargo Basketball looks to build on a new year with a new team

Defending champs not satisified

WEST FARGO, N.D — (KVRR)- “It was a big deal to our community and our guys feel how important it was but they’ve moved on. That was last year’s team, this isn’t the same team,” said Coach Adam Palczewski.

“The EDC is going to be really good this year, we’ve got to lock in this year and we’ve got to use what we took last year winning the state championship but we’ve also got to have a new mentality, everyone’s coming for us you know anytime you when the championship expectations rise,” said senior guard Brett Limke.

West Fargo returns three starters and three key reserves all were a big part of the rotation last year. They believe That returning experience will be beneficial leading the locker room and setting the tone defensively with versatility.

“It’s nice to have that experience coming back and they’re also talented, so it’s not like we have guys that are experienced but weren’t any good. They’re talented, they’re skilled and they make great decisions, and they’re good leaders too. So we’ll build on that foundation and they’re also really good at teaching other players, the younger players how to play. So we can hopefully keep that synergy going,” head coach Adam Palczewski.

“We’ve got a lot of guys that can do that, guard the one through five, we’re all very experienced and we all communicate well, so being able to switch like that is definitely going to help out defensively,” said senior forward Jaden Grefsrud.

The Packers will kick off their season with a big game against Moorhead next week.

“We have a standard of effort that our guys have to meet to play hard, so if we have great effort we can build on that against Moorhead,” said Coach Palczewski.

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