Great Plains Food Bank tells Congress about her history with food insecurity

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Great Plains Food Bank CEO Melissa Sobolik shares stories of being food insecure as a student at Concordia College she says she never told anyone.

“I never threw away an empty cereal box or a macaroni and cheese box. When they were empty, would close them back up and put them back in my cupboard so that when my family and friends came over, they could look in my kitchen and not see that anything was wrong,” Sobolik explained.

Sobolik shared her story as part of a food insecurity in rural America roundtable hosted by the U.S. House Rules Committee.

The Courtenay, North Dakota native says hunger hides in plain sight in our region and there’s many people with prairie pride who don’t tell people they need help.

Sobolik’s story begins in the video above at the 2:50 mark.

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