Play of the Week Nominees: December 17th

Fargo South, Sheyenne battle for play of the week

FARGO, N.D — This week’s nominees for the DJ Colter high school play of the week shows love to the boys on the hardwood.

First up, Sheyenne-West Fargo from Tuesday, Michael Niahl parting the red sea and going up for the jam sandwich, Mustangs highlight of the night in a close loss to the Packers.

But is it better than what we saw across town, Fargo south taking on Shanley, the bruins Diamond McGill elevating for the block on one end then on the other breaking ankles, taking it to the rim and giving it a little kiss off the glass. A bright spot on the night in a loss to the Deacons last Friday night.

Which is better, that’s for you to decide? Vote for your favorite on our twitter poll under @KVRRSports and we’ll announce the winner on Monday night during KVRR Local News at 9.

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