NCAA Approves FCS Championship Contingency Plan

Minimum roster to play set at 53 players; two coaches

FRISCO, TX — COVID-19 continues to make an impact in both college and professional sports. The new omicron variant has already canceled multiple FBS bowl games over the last few weeks and if the FCS Championship happened to have the same fate an approved plan is in place.

The national title game between North Dakota state and Montana State is still scheduled for Saturday with both teams arriving in Frisco Wednesday. Either side will need a minimum of 53 players and two coaches, however if those numbers are not met there is still the option to play.

If the decision is not to participate it’ll be declared no contest and the team with no issues is named champion. If neither can go the championship is vacated.

NDSU head coach Matt Entz says he’s had his players take all the necessary precautions.

“I feel were in a good spot right now. I’m more concerned with some of the injuries we have from a football standpoint and can hopefully get over the hump with those. Right now, being on campus and the only ones here we’ve created a bit of a natural bubble for ourselves. We have to continue to advocate for our kids and be mindful of where they are and who they are around.”

Those injuries Entz mentioned are receiver Christian Watson who is a game time decision with an ankle injury and offensive lineman Jalen Sundell and Nash Jensen who have both both practices in the lead-up.

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