Healthy NDSU Football Lands in Frisco for FCS Championship

A.D. Larsen says team's entire dress list traveled to Frisco healthy


Photo courtesy: NDSU Athletics

FRISCO, TEXAS — The Bison have landed in Frisco and with the winter storm were wheels down an hour later than their expected arrival time of 5 p.m. getting them to the OmniĀ  around 7.

With the team getting to Texas safely having no COVID issues, the game will not be not moved to January 14th as was laid out in the NCAA’s contingency plan earlier this week.. As long as both teams can field 53 players and two coaches, the Championship will go on — as scheduled. The other option would be to play with less or its ruled a no contest.

Talking with athletic director Matt Larsen, the program took on some challenges making sure everyone was healthy including quarantining unvaccinated players in hotels. The overall feeling around the team is that its good to be back on the normal business trip after missing out in the spring.

“Anytime you get to play for a national championship, its special, even though this is my sixth trip here in eight years, every year/trip is different,” Larsen said. “This one is more special just not having been for a year but all the things we’ve dealt with in the last year in a half two years. Having the opportunity to get back here is really unique. Now you’re at the point where no one wants to miss out on playing for a national championship. Guys took it to the next level and I know our coaching staff did. Certainly our administration did just to make sure we had the chance to get down here and play at full strength. Fortunately, everyone who is in our dress list is down here and healthy. Feeling ok. That was the goal to get on the plane healthy. Hopefully that continues now through Saturday.”

You can catch the entire interview with Larsen on Friday night’s Sports Extra.

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