Homeless Battle Low Temps as Well as Pandemic This Winter

The Pandemic Adds Complicated Element to Already Challenging issue.

FARGO N.D. (KVRR) – Homelessness is an issue year round, but in winter months challenges are even greater as temps drop to dangerous levels.

Throw in a pandemic and an already challenging situation becomes more complicated.

While it is difficult to get precise numbers, Fargo Cass Public Health estimates around 1,000 people in Fargo-Moorhead don’t have a place of their own.

Covid-19 adds other challenging factor such as social distancing and making sure people have what they need to be safe from the cold as well as Covid exposure.

“The best way to support all of the programs in town that serve people experiencing homelessness is to call those programs and ask them what they need because it changes all the time,” Director of Fargo Cass Public Health’s Harm Reduction Program Jan Eliassen said.

If you see someone who may be homeless and needs help, contact police.

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