Fargo-Moorhead area mayors discuss issues impacting their cities at State of the Cities

Local Leaders Share Aspirations and Challenges

WEST FARGO N.D. (KVRR) – A panel of mayors made up of Chad Olson of Dilworth, Dr. Tim Mahoney of Fargo, Kory Peterson of Horace, Shelly Carlson of Moorhead and Bernie Dardis of West Fargo gathered for the State of the Cities event. Each local leader spoke about the challenges facing their communities and outlined plans for the future.

“We are going to set the trajectory for our community. Where is the spectrum going? What are we going to do in the future? How are we going to have our housing areas? What are we going to do for walking, biking? What economic triggers do we need to have people continue to come here? Can the residents have a predictable tax rate?” said, Mahoney.

“Honestly my kids can’t move into Horace and buy a house right now, they can’t afford it. I’m hoping that we can work on that and I think the rest of the metro would probably agree on that as well that we all wanna have affordable housing,” said Peterson.

“Any of these mayors that are up here with me today and they visit with their fire departments or they visit with their police departments will be informed about the difficulties they have with dealing with the public right now, the mental health issue, the addiction issues and all of those types of things,” said Dardis.

“Also on the education front the new Moorhead High School opened this fall,” said Carlson.

“This is a time for our leaders to come together and work together to address these issues, homelessness, affordable housing, affordable childcare..” said Olson.

“Much work awaits us in the coming years. We don’t, we can’t have all the answers on our own. But what we must continue to do is bridge the gaps, identify ways forward and make sure people feel empowered to help shape the future,” said Mahoney.

A poll at the event shows attendees believe the biggest challenge the region faces is its workforce.

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