North Dakota Stands Out In Map Of Most Popular Hot Sauces

KVRR's Adam Ladwig argues it's not even a hot sauce


A study from Instacart, a grocery delivery service, identifies the most popular hot sauce choices in each state based on how much of it people order.

And, boy, does North Dakota stand out.

Take a look at this map.

Most of the country is green.

Those states like sriracha.

The orange states like Frank’s Red Hot.

North Dakota is on its own.

The top hot sauce in our state according to Instacart is Village Hot Sauce.

This second map even shows North Dakotans order the *most* hot sauce of any state in the country, based on ounces per customer.

North Dakota, with our famed Scandinavian flavor palette, orders the most hot sauce in the country.

Here’s where I get on my soap box, Instacart.

This is Village Hot Sauce.

You’ve probably seen it.

Is it hot sauce?


At least not in the sense Frank’s Red Hot is.

It comes in tubs.

Hot sauce doesn’t come in tubs.

On their own website they admit it’s salsa, even though they call it a “hot sauce”.

But they go out of their way to make sure you know it’s not actually that hot.

So, North Dakotans order *salsa*, and get the title of biggest hot sauce consumers in the country.

Get your facts straight, Instacart.

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