Choice Bank steps up for a new mother & her premature daughter

Gifts employee's family with $1,000 in gift cards

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Choice Bank’s Wishing Well Program helps a struggling family and their premature baby.

“Briella ended up in the NICU born at 28 weeks and one day we spent 82 days there. We got through it I guess by taking it day by day,” Briella’s mother Crystal Heimark said.

She was born 12 weeks early. At the time she was two pounds and 11 ounces. The family was on a partial income and bills were stacking up.

“I didn’t know what else to do so I did what I could and used the wishing well. I knew we had the program and I knew my sister needed help, so I just went ahead and submitted to it. Being a bystander watching her have to go to the hospital everyday on lunch, I’d get to see her just a little bit. It would be so incredibly hard,” Choice Bank West Fargo Location Manager Danne Doering said.

Doctors found Briella has an opening between two major blood vessels leading to her heart and a small hole between her heart’s upper chamber called an atrial septal defect.

Medical bills were piling up, and Choice Bank gave Crystal and her family $1,000 in gift cards and gas cards.

“It helped out with groceries, gas and restaurant’s as well as it was amazing and we really appreciate it,” Heimark said.

“They’re invested in their employees. They’re invested in their communities with programs like this. It’s not just saying something. This is the action of being people first and the action of investing in our community,” Doering said.

Briella continues to grow big and strong and is 11 pounds and eight ounces.

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