Blockade shuts down Emerson Port of Entry, just north of Pembina, North Dakota

(Winnipeg Alternative Media)

EMERSON, Manitoba (KVRR) – Truck drivers have set up a blockade just north of Pembina, North Dakota, at the Emerson, Manitoba Port of Entry.

A Canada Border Services employee at the Emerson Port of Entry tells KVRR news that travelers heading into Canada are still able to cross the border, but will not be able to get beyond the Port of Entry station.

There was no immediate word on the number of vehicles involved. One witness said there is a line of semis, pickups and farm tractors nearly a mile long.

The Canada border agent says northbound and southbound traffic is being blocked.  He says travelers are urged to use alternate border crossings.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent says the Pembina Port of Entry is open for business as usual for travelers who can reach the border.

Truck drivers have been setting up blockades across Canada, demanding an end to Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions.

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