North Dakota National Parks Need Millions In Maintenance

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KVRR) — The Senate National Parks subcommittee met earlier this week to review the implementation of the bipartisan Great American Outdoors
act which was signed into law almost 18 months ago.

This law created a national fund intended to tackle backlogged
maintenance requests which has become a major problem for national
parks across the country.

North Dakota relies on national parks to helps support its economy.

But tens of millions of dollars worth of backlogged maintenance has
made it difficult to serve visitors effectively.

During the hearing, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven demanded
commitments from the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest

He wants to see the follow through on the money allocated to North Dakotan parks.

“The restore parks act provides funding for deferred maintenance and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota has about $50 million in deferred maintenance needs. So it’s very important we get funded,” said Hoeven.

Senator Hoeven made it clear that the scenic loop in Theodore
Roosevelt National Park is a major priority.

“Now they’re up to more than six miles, which is quite a long stretch that is swamped and you
can’t drive.

You know, you if you’ve been out there, it was right down into the ravine.

So the whole road is like you know, caved in and repair six miles. That is no small task. We have $28
million already in place to fix this road. I’m just trying to push it along as quick as possible so
people can enjoy that beautiful scenic loop in the south unit.”

Hoeven hopes this particular project can be finished
by 2024 so visitors can get back to fully enjoying the beauty of North
Dakota’s national lands.

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