Burgum wants property tax cuts, increased cybersecurity

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) – Improving energy, agriculture and cybersecurity are big topics behind North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s State of the State Address at Fargo Theatre.

The governor is concerned about 50,000 state sponsored cyberattacks from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea in the last two years. He says the state’s IT department is doing well to combat them.

Burgum wants North Dakota to be the first state to adopt computer and cyberscience graduation standards for Kindergarten through graduate school.

The governor also wants North Dakota to innovate in ag because the United Nations predicts global food production needs to double by 2050 to meet worldwide demand.

“Never before, like we are right now, ag and energy need each other. And we’re so uniquely positioned compared to almost any other state because we’ve got these two powerhouse industries ag and energy and they can work together,” Burgum said.

While talking about improving automation, Otto the robot, made by NDSU’s robotics club, gave the governor more water.

Burgum also argued local governments should stop raising property taxes.

His address was initially scheduled for last month but was postponed due to the governor having laryngitis.

Democratic-NPL Chair Patrick Hart slammed the governor.

“Burgum can use as much Silicon Valley business jargon as he’d like, but he’s still failed to diversify our economy and help small businesses during a global pandemic. We are completely dependent on oil and gas production right now, and Republicans aren’t making realistic plans for when this one time harvest is over,” Hart said in a statement.

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