Snowplows Work Overtime As Public Works Clean Up Streets

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Snowplows have been busy these last couple days fresh after a blizzard.

Blizzard conditions blitzed through the city Monday and Tuesday and Fargo Public Works as well as crews in West Fargo and Moorhead are working hard to make sure roads are clear so drivers can get around.

The priority are the main roads likely to be used, then residential areas and some areas may be plowed later than others because of road conditions.

“Here with this storm we’ve had kind of an extended storm if you will with a lot of snow and wind. So, with that, we’ll move in to the residentials and clean ’em up and back to the arterials because we’re having issues with drifting and things like that,” Fargo Public Works Service Manager Paul Fiechtner said.

“The arterials are the primary roads through town so that’s what emergency services will use in the event of an emergency. So those are always our priority to keep those open so traffic can move around through town,” Fietchner said.

Crews have been working since Sunday night and mother nature makes things difficult.

“The hardest part especially with this storm here is the amount of wind and a lot of drifting so we can come through and plow an area. Couple hours later it may not look like we’ve been there so a lot of rework but that’s why we’re out there and want to keep everything open for,” Fietchner said.

Fietchner understands people have places to be and waiting for a snowplow is not always feasible, but he urges people to remain patient amidst the hazardous conditions.

“Please just be patient with us. We have all our people out there plowing and constantly maintaining the roadway. It can be a little frustrating with the drifting from the wind. But we’ll keep at it until the wind dies down and everything gets cleared up,” Fietchner said.

Heavy winds continue to be an issue for the Public Works department as they clear roadways.

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