Battle-Tested Bison

FARGO– It has been a wild year for the bison. Sam Griesel had an emergency blood transfusion in December to fix a stomach ulcer. Grant Nelson hyper-extended his knee and suffered a bone bruise missing 4 games. Andrew Morgan missed 13 games with a lacerated spleen. Having overcome adversity on and off the court, the team is now healthy and battle tested as march approaches.

“It’s just a mental thing, just knowing that everything’s gonna work itself out, we still got to go out there and play still gonna be big games, still gonna be an end score so being able to put all that stuff aside and being able to go out there and play basketball no matter what the circumstances are, that’s the biggest thing we’ve learned but we also have our whole team back now so just mixing those two things together will definitely be a special thing,” said senior guard, Tyree Eady.

” We had plenty of adversity, documented adversity in the non-conference where we never just got a full unit to practice and even in league play; Grant Nelson and Andrew Morgan are two very talented young men. You even saw them playing together in ball screen situations the other day so having those two back, having those two back and getting better and better rhythm is certainly helping who we are offensively,” said head coach, Dave Richman.

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