Polar Fest Plunge A Big Splash in Detroit Lakes

DETROIT LAKES, MN (KVRR)–It was a nice day for a dip for some people, in Detroit Lakes the Polar Fest Polar Plunge kicked off.

“Our 26th annual Polar Fest Polar Plunge event for the boys and girls club of Detroit Lakes is a three month planning process, but the last two days is getting ready for all of our fun, we’ve got 170 plus jumpers coming, we’ve raised over 50,000 dollars already, which is a record for us,” says Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club Patrick Petermann.

Dozens of people came out to support the jumpers, and there was some star power in the building as well. Country Music duet Tigirlily, who are North Dakota Natives, NDSU Alum and current Vikings Tight End Ben Ellefson , current members of the NDSU football team and the Youtube sensations C-BoysTV who have 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube all utilized their platforms for the cause.

“Energy is great, I mean we’re from the midwest so anytime we come back from Nashville to the midwest, I feel like the hospitality is the most amazing and it’s good to be back. No one believes us when we say we’re playing on a frozen lake, no one believes us. It’s Midwest culture to a T. We feel like through music and through what we do, it’s the least we can do honestly, we always feel it’s very important to give back and use our talents in a way that helps other people, yea,” says country music artists, Tigerlilly.

“It’s pretty cool to be able to do things like this to have the opportunity to come back home, you know see family and friends and to support a great cause. People are lining up, people are getting a good seat already. It’s kind of crazy to see some of that right now, but it’s probably about twenty degrees out so its pretty cool to see the support this community has for each other and the people that are here,” says Ben Ellefson of the Minnesota Vikings.

“Obviously we’re super blessed with all the opportunities that come about especially when it’s something local like this, it’s a great cause and we’re really excited to be apart of it,” Ellefson says.

Jumpers were given some advice to strategize their plunges.

Go in Fast get out quick get warmed up get changed and have a bite to eat.

Don’t think about it just Do it and try not to think about it too much you know just kind of go in for it. I think I’m in a better state of mind then some of my teammates, a lot of them probably haven’t been apart of this or seen snow in their life and so this probably their first winter so to sign up for something like this is pretty bold.

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