Kindred Girls Basketball Led into State Tournament By Strong Senior Trio

Vikings 23-0 and claimed Region Title

KINDRED, N.D — After falling in overtime of the region one championship last season, kindred girls basketball gets their shot at a state title for the first time since 2019 led by a dynamic trio of seniors.

23 wins 0 losses that’s the streak, Kindred girls basketball is riding into the Class B state tournament. The reason for the success is coming together as one.

“Were all on the same page. Every game. Every practice.” We come in and work hard. Get the job done. It’s fun to be with this group of girls. Our bench even has been so supportive.“

“Each and every game we’ve been adjusting and learning from our failures. What we need to improve on. So much has been effective in our next game and that’s why we’ve grown so much this year.”

“Everyone gives their 100 percent whether they see the floor or not. They push us which has made us better but also our team chemistry has made us consistent because we all have each others backs and we know if someone is having a bad game, others will pick you up so were not afraid going into a game on our performances.”

The Vikings are led by their three seniors, Tina Freier, Abby Duchscherer and Terryn Johnson who have all been at the varsity level for five years and all know its their time.

“It all started in travel ball days and we played AAU together in the summer just forming those bonds and connections,” Frier said. “On the court we just know each others tendencies. Know what each other are going to do and that’s what makes it fun.”

“I know where Terryn is going to be. I know where Tina is for that corner three,” Duchscherer said. “Especially through varsity, we’ve become so much closer in practices and do a good job of staying after. It just gives us more time together.

“Tina and abbey are my two best friends. On and off the court so having that connection helps us both ways,” Johnson said. “We’ve been playing together since fourth grade so we definitely know each other’s tendencies and us three we like to stay after practice. We come in on snow days just to work together. Get all the extra reps we get together.”

In order for these three to give their program a third championship in five years the mindset is simple.

“Were not done yet,” Freier said. “That’s really exciting so were just going out there play three more games and get what we want.”

“Our group chat for our basketball team is called just us,” Duchscherer said. “That’s been our focus this year and were doing the same heading in to the state tournament along with what we need to improve on. Were just not done yet.”

“We just want to do this together. We just focus on ourselves,” Johnson said. “Were scouting other teams but it all comes down to what we do. We just want to play our game together as a family because we’ve done that the last three games and it’s worked out for us.”

Kindred tips off the state tournament Thursday in Grand Forks against Beulah at 6:30.


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