Barber supports colleague who broke her leg

A barber saw his friend needed a helping hand and took over her clients while she recovers.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A barber saw his friend needed a helping hand and took over her clients while she recovers.

“Branden stepped in and said that he would take on my clients for me in this time of healing and what not, and so he’s just kind of been like an angel. I don’t know what to say, so I’m grateful,” Master Barber at Red Buffalo Barbershop Beth Ailie said.

On February 12th Ailie fell on ice in Detroit Lakes while running to get a better view of the ice castle palace and Polar Fest. She had surgery the next day and has been recovering at her parents’ house. She’s a barber and hasn’t been able to work for weeks. A friend saw her in need of help.

“I knew she was going to be out for a while and I felt bad and I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone and I wanted to find a way to help her out,” Master Barber at Nice Barber Company Branden Ashmore said.

For some, it’s hard to cheat on your barber, but Branden has provided a temporary alternative to Beth’s customers.

“I wanted her to know I wasn’t trying to take her customers and that we wanted to find a way to help. I told everyone that we’re going to do this, and I wanted to take all of her clientele and take care of them, until Beth was back at her shop and I’m letting them know all the cuts that we do plus their donations we’re going to give it right back to Beth.,” Ashmore said.

“I have the best clients. They’re so sweet. We’ve become like family over the years. They’re all just encouraging me to rest up and take care of myself and they’ll be here when I’m ready to get back to work,” Ailie said.

“I’ve been telling all my clients they can come here and recommend Branden,” Ailie said.

Her clients have shown up for her at Nice Barber Company.

“A lot of them have and I’m just so glad and then just being in the barber community and someone who genuinely has my back it’s really heart warming,” Ailie said.

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