Farmer describes issues with inflation & the supply chain

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Farmers across the country are experiencing supply chain issues due to inflation and those in North Dakota are worried about what might happen to their crops this year.

Due to inflation, supplies are thinning up and access to them is getting more complicated.

“Fertilizer supply is gonna be… You know, they’re really tight. It’s a logistic issue, having it where you need it when you need it. Pesticides from what I’m talking with dealers, suppliers say they have the product but it’s gonna be a matter of are they gonna have it when you need it,” North Dakota Grain Growers Association First Vice President Ed Kessel said.

Kessel says all farmers are struggling in similar ways.

“All sectors are seeing, you know, the same problems. It used to be I could order a part today and it’d be in a day or two and now there’s no guarantee it’s gonna be there in a day or two. Maintenance for sure is gonna be a real crunch,” Kessel said.

He advises other farmers to stay patient especially for things out of their control.

“Control the things that you can control, and the things you can’t you have to manage it the best. You know, when you look at this this is a very dangerous occupation and if you let your head get wrapped around things you can’t control, it allows you to make mistakes. So, I think farmers just need to take a step back and handle what you can handle. There’s plenty of resources to get help if you need it,” Kessel said.

And rising gas prices makes it more difficult for transportation.

“One thing this year with fertilizer and transportation costs, we need to look at asking for our waiver for our hours of service so we can get more trucks on the road,” Kessel said.

The North Dakota Grains Growers Association distributes wheat and barley throughout the state as they hope to find a more affordable way to transport goods.

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