Wentz Introduced in Washington

Wentz ready for new start

WASHINGTON – Carson Wentz has reported for duty. The Washington Commanders introduced their new quarterback a day after the new league began. The former Bison joins his third team in three years.

After only a year long marriage with the Indianapolis Colts that ended with back to back losses and no playoff appearance, Wentz admitted his failures and now — looks forward. The all-pro says he has a new found confidence after Washington’s management told him he was wanted.

Its allowed him to stay positive and not hold past grudges. Instead, wants to show  how he can be trusted as a leader again.

“The way I finished was poor. That was definitely a tough pill to swallow and hard to finish like that especially when we really thought we had the chance to do something special,” Wentz said. “We just collapsed and I didn’t play good enough or well enough at the end. I always believe things happen for a reason and still have an opportunity to come out and prove myself. Play the game I love. It’ll be a little weird that first time going to the Linc. I’m sure I’ll hear a little bit of everything. I’m definitely aware of that and I embrace it. I try to keep all those things at bay and its just football.”

Wentz’s next step is getting the offense together and starting to workout.

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