NDSU grad students discuss how Russia is warring with Ukraine

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – No one understands the constant terror in Ukraine more than a panel of Ukrainian graduate students hosting a discussion at North Dakota State University.

With civilians in Ukraine fighting for their lives within war trenches, Ukrainian graduate students at NDSU, featuring the political science and public policy department, host a panel to discuss the war.

Moderated by political science professor Thomas Ambrosio, students expressed their shock as Russian forces started its takeover on February 24th.

“This was the picture that I saw and the stars, this is the territory of Ukraine and the stars which you see started the attacks which had been just from 5:00 in the morning. When I saw this message it was 7 AM central time in the U.S. When I woke up, I saw so many crazy pictures and I could not understand what was happening,” NDSU graduate student Irena said.

One mentioned why it’s important for Ukrainians to keep their composure as the attacks become more brutal.

“It takes big courage not to lose your humanity and not to get aggressive, basically to kill someone because they killed your civilian people,” NDSU graduate student Yegor Polunin said.

Students give their perspective on war and provide history regarding Ukraine and Russia’s relationship over the years.

The three Ukrainians on the panel moved to North Dakota within the last five years and remain shocked at what has happened to the parks, roads and stores in their hometowns.

“They just capture the civilians and especially the children and they say they try to correct them and transfer to Russia through the border. It is absolutely difficult. They just take people’s passports and give them some fake documents instead of passports. It is… It is awful,” NDSU graduate student Bogdan Domnich said.

The students urge the international community for help as Ukrainians keep hanging along in the battlefields as more cities are captured.

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