Experienced O-Line Looks to Power Bison This Fall

Bison Will Return Four of Five Starters

FARGO– “It’s a huge edge, especially with being in the Missouri Valley we’re a run heavy offense and having guys like Nash, Cody return, Jalen, Jake Kubis, you know having four or five starters to return is going to be huge to how we’re going to be successful next year in the run game and not losing any running backs,” said Junior Offensive Tackle, Jake Rock.

Last season NDSU was first in rushing yards per attempt, rushing touchdowns, and gained over 500 more yards on the ground than the next closest fcs team. The bison line works as one to open up holes for the backs and dominate the defense.

“Rams are what’s prided in at NDSU and we have to have that fluidity amongst each other to hold up to that ram standard,” said Mason Miller.

“Its like the five hands to the fist .. If one piece is missing then its not gonna work so when all five guys are on the same wave length and thinking the same knows what they got to do on each and every play it’s gonna be beneficial,” said Rock.

“It’s like the wave in the ocean, we all gotta move together and if one guy moves the wrong way or does the wrong than it kind of messes up everybody else so we all have to be in sync and flow together,” said Miller.

“These guys spend a ton of time with each other you know and during the season, they’re in the afternoons they’re watching film on their own so these guys to do as much as they are and spend as much time as they are with each other I think builds in that cohesion, builds in that continuity,” said Offensive Line Coach, Dan Larsen.

The Rams have the challenge of facing one of the toughest defense in the country every day in practice.

“Our defense puts in all the stuff their working throughout the season and all their work and all their different twists and line schemes, things we’ll eventually see throughout the course of the year and to go up against a really athletic, really talented physical defensive line, linebackers secondary, day in day out, we don’t have a choice but to get better,” said Larsen.

The only player not returning to the line will likely be in the NFL in a few short weeks but for now, Kordell Volson can be seen at practice helping to coach his former teammates.

“Kordell is just an amazing human being when it comes to helping develop us and he cares more about this program than anybody I’ve ever heard of or seen. He cares about me as a person and cares about the development of myself and the development of the program. He doesn’t want to leave the program behind,” said Miller.

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