Sanford Health Introduces Global Nursing Mentor Program

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Sanford Health launches a new program connecting nurses around the globe as mentors.

Six applicants are selected to be part of The World Clinic Global Nursing Mentor Program to go to Hospital Metropolitano in Costa Rica for mentorship and collaboration opportunities with staff there.

“A lot of the nurses with burnout and their bucket just wasn’t full anymore and they were looking at other avenues to potentially fill that bucket, so we have the global nurse mentor program,” says Sanford Health Nursing Consultant Johna Kern.

They study the work culture in Costa Rica to identify areas Sanford Health can improve on.

“The goal is for me to mentor them, but I always believe that there’s two ways to everything and there were tips and tricks that I learned from them and there’s also kinda that shared learning experience. There’s things that they’re doing that I can bring back here, not only to airmed but to all of Sanford,” says Sanford AirMed Flight Nurse Morgan Hand.

She adds appreciation for the work ethic, foundation and teamwork for the staff in Costa Rica.

“Being a mentor is kinda something I’ve always enjoyed in all the different roles that I’ve had in nursing, much to my surprise. I knew I was gonna be helping patients here and I was gonna be helping patients in Costa Rica, but while I was down there, we had patients that were from Canada and Argentina, all over the world. So, not only impacting just one or two countries, it’s truly patients around the globe,” says Hand.

Sanford Health is excited as the growing partnership is beneficial for both sides.

“I think the goal is to establish a rapport so that they can be open and honest with us and allow us to really be an observer so that we can make recommendations and then they can help us understand from their perspective. ‘eh, that might work in the states but not so much here,’ and we can actually learn from them too,” says Sanford Health’s Clinical Informatics Manager Wanda Hanson.

While six applicants became mentors, Kern mentions they will stick to selecting three applicants for next fall.

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