Dads and Daughters gather for Engineering event

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- NDSU’S Society of Women Engineers has their DADDS events welcoming dads to bring their daughters in to get early exposure to engineering.

The event is to inspire the next generation of women engineers,

Activities focus on Mechanical and Electronic engineering

the families were able to build using blocks and learn about electric aspects with creating friction with balloons.

members of the SWE feel exposing kids early to engineering could fuel a future passion.

“So dad’s and their daughters get to come and do stem activities together so we have four different types of engineering that we’re focusing on at this event, and they get to do some activities that introduce them to that type of engineering, and kind of showcase it and see how fun it can be,” said Sabrina Kase, SWE President.

They will have events for Mom and Daughters, and teens as well next semester.

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