Five Fargo mayoral candidates debate the issues

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Two days after the deadline to run for Fargo mayor, five of the seven candidates running for the job share their priorities for the city.

For an hour-and-a-half at Sanctuary Events Center, three men and two women debated why they’re the best person to run Fargo for the next four years.

Republican State Representative Shannon Roers-Jones and Dustin Elliott weren’t able to attend. Roers-Jones says she had a scheduling conflict and Elliott needed to stay home to take care of his children.

The KFGO moderated event touched on many topics like property taxes, childcare and affordable housing. The issue with the biggest differences of ideas was public safety.

“We have a new police chief, in my opinion, his strong suit isn’t policing. It’s something else. I’m not sure what it is. I’ve been unable to figure that out. Politics is probably what it is,” Michael Borgie said.

“The police chief has a PIP plan where we have to improve morale. Improve things going on at the department. We do have a traffic task force and we’re going to bring back the motorcycles,” Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

“There’s actually drag racing going on on some of the arterials It’s a public safety concern,” City Commissioner Arlette Preston said.

“It’s about workforce. What I always hear is workforce, workforce, workforce. If you want to improve on the safety side, we need to improve on the workforce side,” Hakun Dabar said.

“The National Police Association says well-maintained neighborhoods is the way you can have lower violent crime,” Sherri Fercho said.

A big topic for Bison football fans: do candidates support selling alcohol inside the Fargodome during games? Mahoney and Michael Borgie are for it. They cited bringing in revenue and sales tax for the city. Preston is against it saying she has alcoholism concerns. Fercho does not want alcohol sales saying Bison football games should be a family oriented event. Dabar declined to comment on the issue.

You can watch the full debate below.

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