Snow and Wind causing Easter holiday travel problems

A snowy Easter Sunday is preventing some from traveling and altering plans.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Wintery weather and wind gusts are making travel difficult for people looking to see family for the holiday.

Spring snow and wind is impacting travel and plans for people statewide road conditions are slowing drivers down and delaying up arrival times. Some drove as many as four hours to meet with family for the holiday.

“Yes it was horrible coming up, it was basically a one lane traffic coming all the way up here. We caravanned. I looked back at the traffic and it went back as far as I could see,” says Traveler Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams says it usually takes her an hour to get to Fargo when traveling here but it took an hour and a half this time.

“We had reservations to have dinner, but we left half an hour early,” said Williams.

“Usually we go 70 or 75, but we had to keep it at a maximum of 60 miles per hour, and sometimes with the heavier slushy areas we were only able to go about forty five,” said Williams.

People say they’re used to this type of weather this time of year, it’s something people in the area have learned to live with.

“Unfortunately we have these wonderful spring storms that come up and surprise us. I’m a golfer. I enjoy golfing. Sometimes we try and get the openers in around April first or the beginning of April it always ends up getting pushed back. It just comes with the territory. I guess it’s something we’ve all kind of got used to and it drags the winter’s out a little bit longer than we would like for it to ,but it’s part of living in the Dakotas,” said Williams.

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