Saying Goodbye to Marshall Downing

Marshall is leaving us after nearly four year


Today we say a very bittersweet goodbye to our morning meteorologist, Marshall Downing. He is leaving us after nearly four years! That’s a long time. But it doesn’t feel long enough.

You can’t capture what Marshall meant to us here on the morning show. But, we tried.

We love Marshall. He is the grounding force on our morning show, always delivering an accurate, measured forecast. He doesn’t freak people out just because it’s going to snow. He’s like Joe Friday, just the fact, ma’am.
Now, Marshall will enjoy that Dragnet reference. The guy is a fountain of cultural facts from *way* before he was born. Just yesterday he was telling us about a parody rap song from the 1980’s by a John Wayne impersonator that parodied “the Beverly Hillbillies”. Who else can teach you about that?
We loved giving Marshall a chance to branch out from weather and geek out about some of his passions on air, whether it be Star Wars… Marvel, and not just the movies, he’s a legit comic book fiend… and F1 Racing.
We are all a little smarter because of him.
He’s off to new adventures, and we couldn’t be more proud. And we know you’ll miss him just as much as we will.

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