First Soccer day brings the community together

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Tri City United Soccer club is the largest soccer program in North Dakota, today they welcome 950 players and over a thousand spectators to celebrate the worlds most popular sport.

“Well soccer is the number one sport in the country and it’s even the number one sport in Fargo Moorhead, we felt like it should have it’s own day,” said Lee Schwartz, Executive Director of Tri City United Soccer Club.

Everyone was happy to be outside in the sun on the pitch.

“We’re lucky enough to have our own facility but it’s just not the same thing, like with any sport it’s meant to be played outside” said Schwartz.

“You get really hot cause it gets really hot in there, there is sometimes Ac but not always, when you’re outside it’s like windy and so you don’t get hot as easily, and the shade and their is snacks,” Avery Frelot, Soccer Player.

It is soccer day here in in West Fargo leaders from Tri City United say the endorsement from Mayor Dardis as well as Mayor Mahoney and the community’s support make it feel real and shows the continuing growth of the sport within the community.

“We’ve have about 400 new players out here today we have about 400 new parents and I think we have about 40 new coaches. So a lot of newness going out today,” said Schwartz

“The soccer community is huge so going back in the past there was one organization and then that branched out to two, three, I believe it’s like four organizations now. Just seeing the organization come together as a whole whether it be recreational or competitiveness it’s vast so it’s good for everybody, ” said Dwayne Frelot, Soccer Parent.

Off the pitch bonds are becoming stronger and new ones are being formed.

“I have a lot of group chats with like soccer friends and it’s fun to just talk to them, even though I don’t always play soccer with the, and I hangout with them and they’re all funny. They’re all really cool people,” said Avery.

“For me it’s a good experience, personal experience to watch her grow you know where she was up until now. She’s been playing since she was two years old, so just her from like ye high all the way up to this age is pretty phenomenal,” said Dwayne.

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