Anglers prepare for Saturday’s Minnesota fishing opener

It's another reminder summer is nearing as anglers in Minnesota get ready for the fishing opener.

MINNESOTA (KVRR) – Get your rods and reels and life jackets out as Minnesota’s Fishing Opener starts Saturday and people across the state are excited to get back on the water for another season of catching fish.

It’s a unique Minnesota tradition and experts were initially worried about ice on many lakes in the state after the cold, wet and cruddy spring.

Experts encourage anglers to have a backup plan in case the fish aren’t cooperating.

“With the cooler water this year, the fish might be a little shallower. You might wanna fish a little more live bait than really aggressive type things. You might want to consider smaller lakes that tend to warm up a little bit faster. I also always encourage you even when you’re on the lake to have a plan B. Walleyes don’t always cooperate, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching,” Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Manager Brad Parsons said.

He says beginners and even seasoned anglers should see which lakes might have special regulations, invasive species or consumption advisories.

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