Post 2 Alum Hage Having Impressive First Season With Columbia Baseball in the Ivy League

Hitting .349 and only made error at a new position in left field

NEW YORK CITY — It took almost two years for Cole Hage to make his first collegiate at-bat for Columbia. The ivy league cancelled his freshman season leaving him to train in Arizona and face many challenges to get comfortable at the next level.

“It definitely took a while. Not seeing live arms or at-bats, I had to make a lot of adjustments especially with getting outfield reps,” Hage said. “Something I’ve never seen not ever playing the position until college.”

Once the Post 2 and Davies alum arrived in uptown New York, he exploded on the scene with just one errorĀ  playing left field and hitting for a .349 average.

“The comparison from now back to my first game especially in the outfield is huge in terms of how comfortable I feel,” Hage said. “It just comes from the reps and the game experience.”

Hage’s success has helped Columbia to the nation’s longest win streak of 19-games and into the ivy league championship series with a regional appearance on the line. A situation he’s always dreamed of.

“All the time. We as a team set high standards. High goals for each other,” Hage said. “The entire fall our goal was to get to a regional and perform well at a regional. See where that goes.”

With the big series against Dartmouth this weekend, Hage said his time with Post 2 and playing in the American Legion World Series has him ready for the moment.

“I learned so much from coach Rustad and coach Linstaedt and coach Beretti here,” Hage said. “The way they treated practice helped prepare me for the practices we have now because there’s no messing around and you have to get after it. You’re there to get better but also to have fun. If you’re not having fun then why are you playing the game.”

The Lions need to win two, one Saturday and one Sunday to reach their goal. Both can been seen on ESPN+.


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