Top Seed Thompson Baseball Having Fun and Winning Games

Thompson Prepares For Region 2 Tournament

THOMPSON, N.D.–“It’s a game, baseballs a game and I don’t want to take it too seriously but we get down to the seriousness when its close games and stuff like that and we know when it’s time to work but we also love to have fun out here and that’s part of the reason we’re successful.” said Ryan Strande, Senior First Basemen.

Its easy to forget why people love baseball. Analysts can focus on the stats the scores all day but baseball is a game and the Tommies have had a lot of fun playing throughout their 14-1 season.

“We got really good team chemistry so we’ve been playing together for a while so we know we can just go out and compete against any team we want to,” said senior pitcher, Tyler Cunningham.

“They just bring a lot of energy, we’ve had a few talks about it and its not always there but if you’re having fun playing baseball with your friends then you’re gonna be successful for the most part and the talent helps too and their a hardworking group ,” said head coach, Nate Soulis.

The Tommies’ team batting average of .325 and 0.93 earned run average on the mound have demonstrated that they are one of the most balanced and dangerous teams in the state.

“We got it all I feel like.. we got really good fielders we got really good pitchers we got really good hitters, we got really good defenders it’s just all around really good and when we put it all together we’re really dangerous,” said Strande.

With a first round bye to open the Region 2 tournament and the one seed locked up the Tommie’s strategy is simple.

“Same thing we’ve been doing all year, throwing strikes, getting guys on base, and scoring runs the way we have,” said Soulis.

“Our path.. pretty much just go out, keep competing, keep throwing strikes and win more games,” said Cunnigham.

“The most important aspect is energy; like I coach Babe Ruth in the summer too and I just love to see guys have energy, it really brings up the tempo of the game and gets guys more excited to play and I feel like that just leads to success on the field,” said Strande.

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