North Dakota leads the nation in DUI rate

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – With more than five percent of drivers reporting a DUI on their record, North Dakota is the leader of DUIs and drivers with suspended licenses in the nation according to a study by Insurify.

The same study ranks the state third in speeding tickets meaning North Dakotans with a speeding ticket on average pay 56 percent more in insurance costs than drivers with a clean record.

A researcher says multiple factors play into the effect from road infrastructure to law enforcement presence.

“Rural areas tend to have lower police presence, the population density is sparser and there’s also less availability in terms of rideshares and public transportation or I guess alternatives to driving yourself home after a night out. All of which can contribute to higher rates of DUI’s in these areas,” Insurify Research Lead Emily Leff said.

Leff says in a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, areas with more open roads have higher rates of dangerous and reckless violations than speeding or other crashes.

You can find Insurify’s study here.

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