West Fargo Public Schools Board Approves District Activities Director

West Fargo school district Activities Directors and Coaches want to know what this means for them.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- West Fargo Public School Board decides the future of their athletics structure, which will now include a district Activities Director to monitor all three high schools.

This could potentially mean a demotion and pay cut for current activity directors, Corey Hermann just completed his first year as AD at Sheyenne a

and the athletic program flourished under him winning multiple state titles.

There were also coaches among the public group expressing how many hours they put in with the kids,

and how having two people to report to for team and parent issues would make the line of communication more difficult.

“I understand the advocacy. I do think there is misinformation out there, the district is looking to put more support in place with activities. We provide a high level of support in our high schools for assistant principals, dean of students, so we’re not looking to take away any support but in order to get to that district model we needed to get creative about how we were going to fund that. They’re coming at their concerns from the aspect of the work that they do, I have to look and consider all aspects of the organization, and make decisions in different ways, so I certainly respect their opinions and I certainly heard all of their information, and I took that into and I know the board did too we have a very great board and they were great listeners tonight,” said Beth Slette, West Fargo Public Schools Superintendent

She says they will be posting the job immediately to start the hiring process,

the job will be a level 20 higher within the school system with a salary that starts around $75,000.


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