Postseason experience paid off as Sheyenne baseball earned second straight state title

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Heading into the State Tournament Sheyenne focused on having the right approach at the plate. Sure enough the bats got hot at the right time. Their pitching remained consistent.

With experience and a championship performance on offense and defense, the Mustangs tallied 15 runs and held their opponents to four to take home their second straight title.

“Going into it we knew that we were going to have to pitch well and we were kinda pleasantly surprised on how well we hit,” Junior pitcher Casey Clemenson said.

“Seemed like during the regular season it kinda took us until second time through the order to try to get going so we really tried to focus on telling the guys to have a good approach and try to be aggressive on their pitch,” Coach Ryan Bodell said.

“Second time pitching in the post season was a lot easier. I didn’t have near as much nerves considering I’ve been there before, but it’s still like adrenaline maxed out,” Clemenson said.

“I think just knowing a lot of our guys were there last year for us. I know we graduated 10, but we still had lots of guys coming back; talent that helped us win it last year, so I think like he said the nerves weren’t as bad and it was kind of a calming influence for the rest of the guys who hadn’t been there before. I think that just overall helped us play up to our abilities,” Bodell explained.

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