LEM V LEM For DJ High School Colter Play of the Week

Langon Are Edmore Munich Baseball Competes for the Week's Top Plays

This week’s DJ Colter Play of the Week nominees come from the baseball diamond. Langdon Area Edmore Munich had to plays so nice that they will face off for the weekly honors.

Play number one Brady Regner getting to the ball and flashing the glove to make the impossible catch at short.. Lets take another look in slo mo.. Just barely snags the ball before it hits the dirt.

But is it better than what they did later that same game? Mason Romfo racing down the base paths.. He takes second.. The ball gets passed the 2nd baseman and he’s off to third for the double steal!

Which is better that’s for you to decide. Go to the top of our twitter page we will post the poll after the show.. We’ll tally up the votes over the weekend and reveal the winner in our 9 o’clock newscast Monday.


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