Rockin’ For A Reason raises money for kids with cancer

Brave the Shave, an orginization dedicated to raising money to help pay bills for childen diagnosed with cancer, partners up with one of their parents for a first time event.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — An organization dedicated to raising money for families with children battling cancer, and the parents of a kid they helped join forces to pay it forward.

Leaders of Brave the Shave reached out to see if anyone involved with the program wanted to lead an event, and Jordan Johnson, father of Grantley Johnson, stepped up.

In their 15 years of service they have never done an event in Fargo but Rockin’ For A Reason kicked this new found relationship off with a bang.

“You know what, I always love the Fargo Moorhead, West Fargo area because events like these people turn out, it turns out so well. I mean people in our community back organizations and back fundraisers huge in our area,” said Jordan Johnson, Rockin’ For A Reason Organizer.

This is a topic that hits home personally. His son Grantley was a Brave the Shave Kid and passed away two years ago so he decided to partner up with the organization and pay it forward for other families.

“Rockin’ for a reason came about with the passing sadly of Grantley,” said Lashae Graf, Executive Director, Brave The Shave.

“Four years ago my son Grantley was diagnosed with Leukemia and when we went to the hospital as a parent you really don’t think about ahh man how are we going to pay our medical bills? How are we going to pay our everyday bills? When are we going back to work? You’re just so focused on alright what are we going to do for our kid?,” said Johnson.

This event is helping to keep Grantley’s legacy alive and support families going through similar obstacles like the Johnson’s did.

“We did this for him to donate to Brave The Shave, and you just love to see people turn out and still remember him and still honor him in that big way,” said Johnson.

“The pay it forward was fantastic, you know there is 40 to 50 kids in the state of North Dakota diagnosed almost every year. So we’re constantly getting an influx of children that are being diagnosed with cancer,” said Graf.

According to their website Brave the Shave has raised more than three million dollars for kids with cancers, and they help families with things like, utility bills, mortgages, car payments and more.

Click the link to volunteer or donate.


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