Voters fill up polls on Primary Election Day

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A Cass County election worker says the crowds came in waves throughout the day.

“We’ve been really steady. We’ll get a bunch then we’ll get a little bit of lag then a few more then a little lag. We’ve been open since 7 so we get about doing 200 an hour,” Cass County Election Inspector Ron Anderson said.

Young voters want their voices to count at the local level in an opportunity to see change first-hand.

“The old saying is ‘you may not be interested in politics but politics will always be interested in you’. You can’t get around that. You don’t voice your opinion, someone else will voice it for you,” Cyrus Sarabakhsh said.

Another young voter backs Hukun Dabar with interest in his backstory and did his own research on one thing Dabar wants to get rid of, special assessments.

“I started doing more research on it and special assessments is where, for all the roads that are broken down. He wants to ask the government to bring in money. There’s $130 million untouched money. He said the government will give us some money and he’s gonna fix the roads so none of us will have to pay for special assessments ever again,” Mohamed Ahmed said.

Another first-time voter says his government teacher hammered home the importance of voting to his students, especially those who are eligible to vote in these primaries as their first election.

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