Carson Wentz’s AO1 Charity Softball Game Creating Strong Bond Among Former Bison Players

Third annual event in Fargo at Newman Outdoor Field

FARGO, N.D — Its the summer tradition every fan of Bison nation looks forward to. The third annual A01 charity softball game hosted by former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz at Newman Outdoor Field.

Wentz brings back some of the best offensive and defensive players from past teams to play with each other once again on the field all for a good cause.

Last year, the reunion brought back the last five Bison QB’s together. This year, even without Trey Lance there is still plenty of NFL talent coming together.

Fresh off his rookie deal with the Cincinnati Bengals, offensive lineman Cordell Volson joined the festivities for the first time while Minnesota Vikings tight end Ben Ellefson and L.A. Chargers QB Easton Stick are playing in the event for the third time.

Getting this opportunity has created an even stronger bond from the legacy of the program.

“For the guys, they enjoy getting back around one another. For the fans, it’s always something new,” Wentz said. “This time of the year, there is not much else going on. It’s summer time. Just to be outside and enjoy a beautiful night. A little windy but what do you expect from North Dakota?”

“The brotherhood of guys who played shoot and there’s guys I didn’t even get to play with,” Stick said. “Getting the chance to connect with them and tell stories. Just have fun. It encompasses it. People keep coming out and watching. That’s just a blast to see these fans and interact a little bit. There’s an atmosphere here tonight and that’s fun.”

For those who are all in the league together, it not only gives a chance to connect on different levels but also to pick each others brains about being at the sport’s highest stage.

“You’re checking in with guys. Shoot I’m going into my seventh year so I’m one of the older guys now,” Wentz said.  “One of the veterans. I’m one of the vets on our team in Washington. I’ve seen a lot in those six years. It’s just always fun to share some insight with those who play or coach just to get other perspectives. That always helps and always means a lot.”

Initially it was Carson (Wentz) who was the guy to lean on,” Stick said. “Shoot we have me Carson and Trey (Lance)  just at the quarterback position. Christian (Watson), Cordell (Volson) added to it this year. Ben (Ellefson). Guys I played a ton of snaps with. Before it was Kyle (Emanuel) and Billy (Turner) and you have a relationship but its different when you can play with them. You can go back and tell stories about playing here. How it relates to going on now.”

Zach Johnson was not in the house to defend last year’s home run title instead three-time national champion safety, James ‘jimmy football’ Hendricks, took the title with a record 14 long bombs even with Quarterback Cole Davis giving him a run for his money with 12.

Hendricks credited playing in a softball league on Monday’s and  Tuesday’s for his success in knocking them out of the park. After being the favorite in 2021 and not hitting a single home run, Stick decided to retire and just watch this time.

Defense is looking to take the series lead over Team Offense.

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