Former NDSU QB Wentz Talks Entering 7th Year in NFL

Starting it with new team in Commanders

FARGO, N.D — it’s a new beginning for former Bison QB Carson Wentz, who for the second year in a row will suit up for a new team in the Washington Commanders after being traded this offseason. The experience has already been a positive one.

“It’s a young squad with tons of talent. It’s been a lot of fun,” Wentz said. “I’ve been saying especially with COVID and no offseason, it’s great to be around the guys. Not only getting to know the playbook and practice but also go to dinner with guys and their wives. Know their families. Go golfing. Sitting in the cafeteria and getting to talk for an hour.”

After not getting the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs last year, being back in a familiar place and seeing old friends again helps meet the goals Wentz has for himself..

“There’s a lot of noise. Outside pressure. Whatever you want to call it,” Wentz said. “It’ll be fun getting back into the NFC East. It’s big because it’s the next one. I always feel like I have high expectations for myself so the outside noise and all that comes with a territory.”

Entering his seventh year in the league, Wentz has learned to take the pressure of his shoulders..

“It might’ve early in my career with all that was going on but just over the years knowing my foundation is rooted in Christ and why I play this game,” Wentz said. “Why I do what I do. I try to block out that stuff and remember who I am as a follower of Christ first not a football player. That’s just my job. I love doing it and doing it to the best of my ability. When I lay my head on the pillow at night, I know I laid all out there and did everything I can. The chips will fall where they may.”

Wentz started a trend of NDSU players to get drafted. There have been 14 since he went second overall in 2015 including fellow QB Trey Lance as both play each other in week 16.

“That’s a long time away. I definitely did reach out and say we need to swap jerseys after the game,” Wentz said. “It’ll be fun. It’ll be really cool for bison nation to be a part of it too. Hopefully we come out on top obviously.”

Wentz said he’s settled in Virginia and will report back from training camp in mid-July.

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