Sheyenne Weightlifter Renner Shines On National Stage

Won 96 kilogram title at U.S, Weightlifting Championships

WEST FARGO, N.D — A North Dakotan had never won at the united states weightlifting national championships until now. That title belongs to Sheyenne junior Nic Renner.

Renner was the best in the 96 kilogram class over the last two days in Las Vegas lifting a combined 566 pounds between the snatch, clean and jerk. That amount of weight cleared the rest of the competition by 63 pounds.

What started as a hobby freshman year in the weight room has now taken him national and becoming successful in it is still something hard to comprehend.

“My strength coach offered up to me to try Olympic style weightlifting and thought it was interesting because it was harder than everything else,” Renner said. “It’s not the same as a squat. It’s not the same as a bench. Total different thing. It’s really satisfying and hardest of all the other lifts. Some people can be good at squat but not so good at snatch. It just a complex lift that takes time to learn and be better at. The next age group is 18-21 and aim to qualify for that. Keep it going with my weight.”

Renner qualifies for the world championships in his age group, however doesn’t know if he’ll be able to go.

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