TSA installing new 3D bag-scanning technology at Hector International Airport

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Hector International Airport passengers should prepare for some delays as the TSA starts to install new security machines Tuesday

The TSA is installing a new Computed Tomography system by creating 3D images of items in a carry-on bag.

“I think people will enjoy is that you no longer need to remove your electronics. So, your phone, your laptop, other small electronics, they can stay on your bag whether you’re a precheck or a standard passenger. That’s another benefit I think everyone appreciates saving a few seconds here, a minute here,” TSA Public Affairs Specialist Jessica Mayle said.

The new system makes it easier to detect weapons, explosives and other prohibited items.

“Passengers really expect TSA to stay ahead of those threats. We have to, it’s not just what people are thinking about, it’s ‘What are the bad guys thinking about that’s one step ahead?,'” Mayle said.

The installation process begins Tuesday and is expected to run through July 22nd.

The TSA says to expect delays and passengers should arrive two hours before their flight during the installation process.

“Any opportunities we can use technology to improve the passenger experience as well. When we have fewer bag checks which this machine will allow, that’s fewer touch points. I think, in this era of COVID, I think people appreciate that as well,”Mayle said.

Mayle says to listen to the TSA officer explaining directions of how to arrange your carry-on bag.

“This machine is sized for the actual carry-on bag. So, if you’re trying to push your bag, maybe it’s a little bit bigger than a standard carry-on size, that bag will not fit through this machine and you’ll have to check it anyway,” Mayle said.

The TSA has been working on this security upgrade for the last two or three years.

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