DGF and Barnesville Play in Day of Baseball

DGF Hosts Barnesville For "Day of Baseball"

DILWORTH MN.– It’s a beautiful day to promote baseball in the community in Barnesville, Dilworth and Glyndon, all-day baseball ages eight to 18. A fun day for parents, fans and we hope to make this an annual event for both communities,” said Craig Samuelson, Barnesville Baseball board member.

The event came together smoothly as both DGF and Barnesville had interest in facilitating a day to promote their baseball programs and provide a day of fun fans, players, and parents alike.

“It’s exciting. This is the first year we have done an event with our joint organizations, Al with the baseball club and I run the athletic club which is our Cal Ripken branch. The nine to 12-year-olds, the guys you just spoke too and you know we kind of talked about it. Al had a good idea, talked to Barnesville where he was from and thought we could celebrate a little before the 4th of July and hopefully send everybody into the weekend with a game of baseball and good weather cooperated,” said Brad Anderson, DGF Athletic Club President.

Despite this being all for fun, some players can’t help but to use this as a chance to show off their skills.

While chicks dig the long ball and the nerds love to breakdown the stats for the boys taking the field its all about the joy and brotherhood of the game..

“It’s amazing. I get to come out here and play with my friends and watch some baseball,” said fourth grader, Lucan Leirin.

“It’s pretty fun. I kind of I like playing with my friends I like joking around.. thank you for supporting us and just have a good day,” said 4th-grader, Gavin Purser.

Whether playing, watching, or learning from the big kids… a day of baseball is a day well spent.

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