Groups fundraise to help women in different ways following SCOTUS abortion decision

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe V Wade is still having rippling effects that have pitted the country on two different sides.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Members of the Fargo-Moorhead Plant Community Facebook group and the Fargo Diocese are helping the community in their own ways.

“Even though people that are black, Native American, people of color have been going through this for a long time. Now that we see that the white women are actually being I guess discriminated against and I think that’s unfortunately the reason that we’re seeing such a large push for these rights,” Tia Schmitz said.

Members of the plant community are selling plants and donating the profits to the Red River Women’s clinic for its relocation to Moorhead.

“I know that the plant community in Fargo-Moorhead is extremely supportive, and, so, I figured there could be something that we could organize and so I figured a plant purge for a purpose could be something that the community would be receptive to,” Schmitz said.

They have raised $700 so far.

Catholic Charities of North Dakota is partnering with churches and other pro life organizations to support pregnant women, mothers and families with young kids through the Walking with Moms in need program.

“There’s many many things we do. For instance, twice a year here in Fargo we have a huge thing. We filled Shanley’s gym a few months ago with baby clothes, toys diapers, everything you can imagine,” Fargo Diocese Respect Life Director Tim Mosser said.

Mosser believes establishing connections with the families is key. The Diocese wants to do more than just give them things. They want to walk with the families.

These services are offered year round for families around the state and have been since last year.

“I currently work in public health, so I see the toll that financial burden, family burden, has on a lot of people. There is going to be a lot more children that are born into poverty, violence and immediately into the foster care system, ” Schmitz said.

“That is one of the typical arguments is what about people who are poor. What about people who are living on the margins? Well, we like to say this: every person is precious. So what do we do with people who have already born children who are facing tough times? We don’t eliminate some of the family. We step up and help them,” Mosser said.

Click here to donate to the Red River Women’s Clinic’s move to Moorhead and here to give to The Fargo Diocese.

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