Local Bar between lakes serves as hot spot for locals and tourists

Lake Park Minnesota is one spot people enjoy traveling to for the holiday weekend.

LAKE PARK, Minn. (KVRR) — People are out soaking up the sun and sailing on lakes to celebrate our nations independence.

People that live there say this time of year always brings a lot of traffic.

“Oh Fourth of July is crazy, it’s been like really awesome and fun, definitely a good time,” said Chandler Burnside, Barnesville.

“We’re just hanging out for the fourth.”
“Yup we’re having a good weekend on the lake,” said Eliana Logan & Maddy Ertelt, Lake Park.

Watercraft inspectors say they can see over fifty boats a day during the holiday weekend.

After hours on the water hanging out and tubing, people need a place to go for fuel.

I’m told Hooligans is a spot where locals and tourists can get together and hangout, it’s a bar known locally for their pizza as well as their nightlife.

“We’re not fine dining it’s a lot of baskets, it’s quick, we just crank it out cause people are hot, they’re tired, they’re thirsty,” said Todd Jacobson, Owner, Hooligans Lakeside.

“It’s poppin sometimes they do karaoke, that’s pretty cool, they have live bands and stuff,”
“I love Hooligans here, I love the lake in general.”
“Yea same I like being in the boat, hanging out here.”
“Just cause we can pull the pontoon right up here so.”
“And they’ve got access to both Lake Cormorant and Leaf Lake,” said Logan & Ertelt.

“My bar is located. I’ve got docks on Lake Cormorant and I’ve got docks on Leaf Lake. The summer time is great I mean we’ve got four months a year to make it out here, and our volume just goes through the roof for those four months,” said Jacobson.

” Oh yea their Pizza is amazing this is the first time I got this one, outstanding, reasonable price amazing flavor,” said Burnside.

“Oh the pizza it’s really good, we had it the other day on the lake,” said Logan & Ertelt.

Jacobson took over Hooligans in 2020 a week before the covid shut down, they survived the pandemic and have has also battled staff shortages, but they plan to keep on pushing through.

“We work everyday you do what you’ve got to do, for the most part people are pretty understanding. This isn’t anything new that’s popped up. There’s a serious labor shortage bar and restaurant business,” said Jacobson.


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