RedHawks Beat Saltdogs 3-1

FM RedHawks Have Won Six Series' in a Row

FARGO– The RedHawks pitching and defense helped them earn a 3-1 win Sunday afternoon over the Lincoln Saltdogs. After the game, manager, Chris Coste spoke about the team’s success.

“One of the many great things about our team is we can win games a lot of ways; if it has to be 10-9 or in today’s case 3-1, we didn’t get a lot of hits but we find ways to score just enough and of course when our bullpen is able to help win games they typically do so it was a lot of fun, it was tough it was stressful at the end but to get that win .. it was good to get a close win like that.

One of the things about our clubhouse, we have a lot of confidence like a lot of teams but like we’ve been saying all year we can win a game in so many different ways that we’re not relying on the home run necessarily, we’re not relying on just the starting pitchers throwing a shutout we can win a lot of ways so when we take the field, regardless of what the score is we always know we have a chance.

One thing we’ve done really well is we’ve been able to stop any kind of losing streak from happening. I think we lost two games one time and we turned around with a good winning streak, that’s a testament to how well rounded of a team we can be when we need to be so a very veteran team.. they’re really good first of all but they also know how to win and they know how to bounce back,” said Coste.


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