Healthcare expands for veterans exposed to burn pits

WASHINGTON (KVRR) — Bipartisan legislation to help veterans exposed to toxic substances is headed to President Biden’s desk.

Veterans will have expanded benefits to healthcare through the V.A. for the millions who served near burn pits. They can contain chemicals, cans, tires, plastics and medical and human waste.

It directs the VA that certain respiratory illnesses and cancers were related to burn pit exposure.

This allows veterans to obtain disability payments to compensate for injuries without having to prove the illness is a result of their service.

“VA benefits will finally include care for the immediate and future health needs of servicemembers and veterans who have been impacted by burn pits and other toxic substances as well as their families. We’re telling our nation’s heroes that they are not gonna be our generation’s Agent Orange. We’re not gonna wait that long,” Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said.

Prior to this, many disability claims related to burn pit exposure were denied by the V.A. due to lack of evidence.

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