Jack Williams Set To Get Upgrades This Fall

Part of grant from Fargo Park District

FARGO, N.D — Jack Williams Stadium, home of Fargo Post 2 baseball, is getting an upgrade.

Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Fargo park district, “The Jack” will get an entirely new infield including sod and dirt installation.

The first base bullpen will get improvements along with portable mounds and better drainage systems to lessen flooding from the Red River.

Its all part of matching the playing field with the success and history of the program.

“You’ve got 60 years of players who just love this place to death then their families just love it to death,” alumnus Chris Meier said. “I played here same place in front of 5,000 fans in 1992 so 30 years ago with ESPN here. Its just a special place. One of the most special in the country, not just in North Dakota. The kids take care of it. The coaches take care of it. Now, for the Fargo parks and the organization to say let’s go ahead and improve this and bring it back to what it’s always been is awesome.”

The project will begin this fall.

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